According to historical records, there’s an interested legend, a shepherd hit a rock with a wooden stick into a rabbit hole, then people get inspired by so, that is where the noble sport of golf began.
18 holes on a ball, there is such a story: the very cold in Scotland, people play every time out, the total love with a bottle of spirits. Weight 18 ounces a bottle of wine each to drink when serving a bottle, and a cap is just 1 ounce, so after 18 holes, also just finished a bottle of wine, gradually, people will think that a ball should be 18 holes.


PING is a family-owned company founded in 1959 in the garage, Solheim designed one and a only putter by himself, which is invented in the family garage, when this putter get finished, Solheim was very excited, and asked his wife to come the garage, then he made this putter striking a golf ball, “Pinnnnnng……”a ringing sound reverberated around the garage, “great, this putter would be PING” Solheim said.

PING that for decades has maintained the concept of tailor-made brand, is currently the majority of the ball remains a family operation with manufacturers. "Always provide the right product to the right people for the right reasons. (With the appropriate way to maintain a good supply of product to the right of golfers)" PING is always seeking the same concept of operations!

-- 2009, start to contact with PING
-- 2010 take part in PING hat development, and pass the factory audit of PING
-- 2011 officially be the manufacturer of PING hat
-- 2012 to now, complete orders with guaranteed quality and quantity, meanwhile to be participated in design of PING.